About me

majaljusMaja is a kinesiologist working with restoring health through a holistic approach, integrating Western and Eastern healing techniques.

Maja has over 600 hours of kinesiology courses and is a member of IASK (international Association of Specialized Kinesiologists). Her studies includes courses in acupuncture, nutrition, energy balancing, holistic anatomy and physiology, pilates, sacro cranial kinesiology, ear acupuncture, energy psychology and ortopedic kinesiology.

Maja has previously led a busy life as a successful director of international property brokerage and has completed seven years of property and finance studies. During a very stressful time of her career she came in contact with kinesiology and realised the impact stress and lack of nutrition have on your health. She was surprised by how effective and intelligent the treatment was as it communicates with the client’s nervous system and finds out the cause of the symptoms the client is experiencing as well as the best course of action to restore health and wellbeing.